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It’s looking like we have four songs with Clark’s vocals completely tracked, and we should be recording them in October and November. Four more songs were finished musically, but did not have finished vocals, and we’re still trying to sort out what to do with those. The other two songs we determined weren’t completed enough to keep working on. I’ll check back once they’re tracked and mixed with info on how to download the music.

Joe, Leigh and I are going to be playing a few shows with our friend Andy Goldman in his band, Fulton Lights . The first one is a great night of playing with friends’ bands in DC - Tuesday, October 6th with Andalusians and Title Tracks atThe Black Cat . We’re in the middle, I believe.


Ahoy, welcome to life with a well-spoken president! Mon, 26 Jan 2009 20:14:06 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/ahoy-welcome-to-life-with-a-well-spoken-president_392 http://statehood.us/news/ahoy-welcome-to-life-with-a-well-spoken-president_392 DC was packed full of 1.8 million of our closest friends this weekend as we watched some serious history occur. After years of having all the big stories in the media be about tragedy, it was nice to have something this positive going on. Strangers were talking, helping each other out, sharing stories and provisions. If you haven't done so yet, NPR and the Washington Post both have fantastic photo galleries from the big day.

The main news on our front is that we're playing the Andalusians' record release party on February 5th at the Black Cat. Played Tomorrow are also playing, more info on our Shows page. The Andalusians are putting out a 7" on Dischord with three songs and access to three more songs to download. I like the mix of vinyl and mp3 - so many options. Very excited to help them celebrate their first release.

We have six new songs now, and three more in the works. It looks like we might be tracking the next record in April or so, with an early fall release. I'm guessing at the DC show we'll play most of the new songs.

I know we didn't post it on our front page, but we had two shows in early January as we trekked up to NYC and then back home for some Rock 'n Roll Hotel. Both shows were with a new Brooklyn band called Bear Hands that make the kids dance. Manhattan was fun as usual, even with the requisite parking issues. We brought home two dozen bagels, and I'm wishing we'd bought more. At the DC show we were turned on to Tiger City, another NY band that looked like they were going to play metal, but sounded like Roxy Music or Bowie. Fantastic songs, and a feel that most bands aren't doing these days. Definitely worth checking out, and I hope it's not our last show together.

That's about it for now. I keep holding out for a snow day, maybe the folks in Chicago will share some of what they got?


One last show for 2008... Tue, 21 Oct 2008 20:20:46 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/one-last-show-for-2008_393 http://statehood.us/news/one-last-show-for-2008_393 Thought Statehood was done with shows for 2008? We did, too. But then we got a Minus the Bear call, and now we're heading to Richmond next Monday. See the shows page for info. After that we're off til next year, honest. We got elections to win and songs to write.

Also, we drove past a road in Ohio named "Fangboner Rd" last week. Ohio, why would you do this?

Quick update on the fall Tue, 16 Sep 2008 20:23:09 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/quick-update-on-the-fall_394 http://statehood.us/news/quick-update-on-the-fall_394 First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the Fort Reno show. Great weather, lots of friends I hadn't seen in forever, babies, dogs, cupcakes, all those good things. If you missed it or are hankering to relive it, there are photoshere and video here. Enjoy!

August we were all juggling some things, and took vacation time. Mine took me to Denver for the DNC. It's a long story, but I found a bunch of folks working / hanging there and made a good week of it. Caught many of the big speeches, went to Red Rocks (as in U2 Live at... not the pizza place), sampled some of thehoppiest beer I've ever had, and fell in love with a vegetarian cafe. One of the better vacations I've had, not relaxing, but about as unique as it's gonna get.

The fall has us playing at the Black Cat with Faraquet, their first local show in who knows how long. Tickets are going quickly, so come early, or swing by the club next week to grab some. Looking forward to hearing those songs again, it's been a bit. After that we're heading back out to the Midwest for another short tour including shows with Maritime (remember those guys?) and Kid You'll Move Mountains- see the shows page for details. More shows in the works, then we'll be taking most of November and December off, so get your Statehood while you can.

All future shows: UNCANCELED! Sun, 20 Jul 2008 20:25:23 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/all-future-shows-uncanceled_395 http://statehood.us/news/all-future-shows-uncanceled_395 We got the best news we've heard all year yesterday - the 2nd surgery was a success and Clark is cancer free! We're not 100% out of the woods yet, and some treatment will begin soon to make sure there's nothing still lurking about, but compared to how things looked in March, this is unreal. A time to celebrate? Yes. Luckily, we're playing Fort Reno this Thursday (City Paper preview here), our first show since late March. And luckily, it's also the Night of A Thousand Cakes. NoaTC was originally for Jason Hutto's birthday I believe, and everyone brought cakes and cupcakes to share with the masses (so if you have time, bring something good, would ya?). But in my mind this NoaTC will be a fusion of birthday celebration and celebrating the absence of cancer in Clark's body. Come celebrate with us, bring the babies, dogs, frisbees and cakes. Bonus points if it includes peanut butter AND chocolate. Just sayin'...

Show cancellation / Explanation Sat, 31 May 2008 20:26:51 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/show-cancellation-explanation_396 http://statehood.us/news/show-cancellation-explanation_396 If you saw the Black Cat ad, you probably saw that we had to cancel from the June 12th show. This is our 2nd time doing that this spring, so we thought it might be time to explain. Earlier this winter, Clark had a small growth on his leg, so he went to the doctor to get it checked out. When the biopsy came back, he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer. If you're familiar with cancer, it tends to be one of the more aggressive ones. We got the news the day of our last Black Cat show (Feb. 28), if you were wondering why the show was a bit more impassioned. The first surgery took place on April 2, making three big cuts and taking out a tumor and any cancerous cells. If you saw Clark gimping around the Black Cat weeks later it's because they had to go through some leg muscles. Come to think of it, the shows in April were still during the muscle rehab time, when he couldn't put his heel down. We found out today that there are more cancerous spots that the doctors want to go after, and the first time they can get him into surgery is June 11th, thus canceling the show. Clark's doing great, is in high spirits and things are looking much better than they did at first - we're quite optimistic. After this surgery there will be another recovery time, and we'll be back to playing shows, writing and waiting to finally hear the word "remission." Some friends already knew this and we'd like to thank you all for the support and well wishes. Fort Reno is coming, we hope to see you there!

Harrisonburg and Durham this weekend... Fri, 25 Apr 2008 20:35:25 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/harrisonburg-and-durham-this-weekend_400 http://statehood.us/news/harrisonburg-and-durham-this-weekend_400 More shows coming up this weekend. We're hooking up with Worn in Red for a show in Harrisonburg, VA followed by another in Durham, NC. Driving around Virginia and North Carolina in the spring, not a bad way to spend a weekend at all. If you live in or near those towns, how about a nice spring drive to be deafened by rock? Perfect, see you there.

The spring break tour went well, aside from the not-so-spring weather. We had snow and temps below 35 the whole time and a van with not-so-good heat. I wore thermals and gloves and was fine, but we must have looked funny to the other cars as we sat all bundled up with hats on. There were good times with Kid You'll Move Mountains and Javelins, and we're hoping that we can play with both bands again in the near future. Maybe for the summer tour? Maybe it won't snow then.

We're taking May off from playing shows, but will be back in effect for the summer. Many new songs on the horizon to boot.

OK, quick change of plans Sun, 20 Apr 2008 20:28:00 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/ok-quick-change-of-plans_397 http://statehood.us/news/ok-quick-change-of-plans_397 I got a voicemail about the show at JMU being canceled due to some misunderstanding with the admin or something...hard to say from the voicemail, there was lots of gun fire, sounds of feral dogs, streamers, very Hunter Thompson. Regardless, we're being added to a show in Charlottesville for tonight (Friday the 25th), info coming as soon as we get it.

Lies and Rhetoric! Fri, 16 Nov 2007 20:51:31 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/lies-and-rhetoric_403 http://statehood.us/news/lies-and-rhetoric_403 Ok, it's game time. After all this talk, all this waiting, never believing that November 19th even existed - it's happening. "Lies and Rhetoric" comes on Monday just about everywhere. See the MUSIC tab on our site to see where you can download or buy physical copies. If you don't see your favorite music purchasing place, well let us know, we'll look into it.

Lots going on, press coming in, shows coming up, beards being trimmed. We don't have somewhere to collect press just yet, but in the meantime check out HEREfor a City Paper story about playing in a band and teaching at the same time. OrHERE for a story about what appears to be the favorite track on the record. OrHERE for a really nice and accurate review of what the record sounds like. We're playing shows this weekend, but when we get back we'll find a home for putting all these links.

Shows. Right. Friday in Philadelphia with our friends Enon and Love of Diagrams. Haven't been to Johnny Brenda's before, but I've heard more than one touring band say it's the best club of it's size on the east coast. This sounds good. The next night, back to the Middle East in Boston. About 10 years ago I think I played there every three months like clockwork. I'm gonna eat about fifteen pounds of falafel that night, watch me. A few days later it's the CD release show at the Black Cat (Wednesday night). If you're home for the holidays, we'll see you there. If you not home for the holidays, change your plans. Thanks.

Last thing - I went to go see the Police last week. On my list of bands I'd HAVE to go see if they reformed, they were about at the top (now that the Clash can't do this). Good to see the boys, and pay homage and give them my money and all - but Stewart didn't do the fill! Which fill? C'mon. At the end of "Every Little Thing" that amazing snare fill before the "E-O-O-E-O-O" ride out, one of the best five drums fills in the history of drum fills (yes, the other four are all John Bonham). I sat there waiting and waiting, and he blew right through it. I swear I yelled "nooooooooo" so loud that about four rows of people looked back to see what happened. As if they didn't know. I've gotten over it I think. Even heard it on the radio this weekend and hammered out the part on my steering wheel. Things are better now.

Too much coffee? Probably.

Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago and Pontiac, Michigan shows this weekend! Fri, 16 Nov 2007 20:41:49 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/cleveland-milwaukee-chicago-and-pontiac-michigan-shows-this-weekend_402 http://statehood.us/news/cleveland-milwaukee-chicago-and-pontiac-michigan-shows-this-weekend_402 Ahoy. The first annual Statehood Spring Break Tour is about to kick off later this week. Check the shows page for information about our shows in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago and Pontiac, Michigan (just north 'o Detroit). A quickie on the shows: 1) Cleveland: we play with Vel, aka Eminem's nemesis, at Quiet Bob's Bar. I'm guessing this is Silent Bob's more talkative cousin's place? 2) Milwaukee: back to the Cactus and the world of Old Style. My liver always fears these shows. 3) Chicago: at Reggie's and looking forward to seeing all of the Chicago Illuminati. 4) Pontiac at the Crofoot with bands and DJs that were spawned from TAN! We'll have shirts and CDs (remember those?) and those kinds of things. Ah, and cheers to Pash for helping us out with a van.

In other news, we had to drop off the Georgie James show in DC on April 5th. There was a scheduling conflict in the band that we couldn't move. Sorry to all that emailed saying they'd gotten tickets in hopes of seeing the two bands together. Hopefully we'll play with GJ again in the future.

Three new songs on tour, maybe a fourth if practice goes well this week. Happy spring to everyone, see you at the shows.

Corrections, shows, and pictures. Sun, 14 Oct 2007 20:56:00 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/corrections-shows-and-pictures_405 http://statehood.us/news/corrections-shows-and-pictures_405 Correction on the release date - November 19th. Look for it in stores and for download on that date. We got the CDs yesterday and they look lovely. Should be posting more songs soon for the listening.

In addition to the Philly and Boston shows, we've added a CD release show in DC at the Black Cat on Nov. 21st, and another in NY with Maritime on Nov. 27th. It'll be weird to watch those Maritime songs from the sidelines.

We took some new pictures the other night, should be around soon, in case you needed pictures or something.


That's it for now. More news about the release as it happens. Our site will have a page with links how to find it.

All that talk about studios and basements and coffee? Sat, 22 Sep 2007 20:58:40 +0000 http://statehood.us/news/all-that-talk-about-studios-and-basements-and-coffee_406 http://statehood.us/news/all-that-talk-about-studios-and-basements-and-coffee_406 Yeah, I know, it's like a skipping record. But now it's done, and being made as we speak. On October 29th, we'll be releasing "Lies and Rhetoric" on Statehood Records. You like that label name? Yeah, us too. Speaking of which, that vote last week was a bunch of crap, but what do you expect from Congress? More citizens than Wyoming and just barely less than Vermont. One person, one vote? I digress.

There are some songs for streaming on our sites now, and on the release date look for CDs in stores, mail order, and through any major download site you can think of. We'll have links on both sites in case you need help finding one.

We're doing shows this fall as well. Finalizing a CD release show for early November in DC, with some shows in Boston (with Travis Morrison/Hellfighters) and Philly (w/Enon and Love of Diagrams) confirmed. We'll probably play some more east coast shows before the year's out, too. Watch this space.

Some info about the record? We recorded part of it at Skree Studios in DC, and part at Inner Ear, both with Jason Caddell (our old bandmate, not that he's old, but...). Eleven tracks, sounds big and caffeinated, digipak. What else can I say? Give it a listen yourself, see what you think.

More news to follow when we get the CD release show set up, and have CDs in hand. If you have questions about the release, go here: band@statehood.us

milli graci,