Thu 01 Oct 2009

Recording update and backing Fulton Lights

Writing a band update was a little harder than I’d expected, but there some bits of news to share, so here we go… It’s looking like we have four songs with Clark’s vocals completely tracked, and we should be recording them in... Read More
Mon 26 Jan 2009

Ahoy, welcome to life with a well-spoken president!

DC was packed full of 1.8 million of our closest friends this weekend as we watched some serious history occur. After years of having all the big stories in the media be about tragedy, it was nice to have something this positive going on. Strangers were... Read More
Tue 21 Oct 2008

One last show for 2008...

Thought Statehood was done with shows for 2008? We did, too. But then we got a Minus the Bear call, and now we're heading to Richmond next Monday. See the shows page for info. After that we're off til next year, honest. We got elections to win and songs... Read More
Tue 16 Sep 2008

Quick update on the fall

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the Fort Reno show. Great weather, lots of friends I hadn't seen in forever, babies, dogs, cupcakes, all those good things. If you missed it or are hankering to relive it, there are photoshere and video here.... Read More
Sun 20 Jul 2008

All future shows: UNCANCELED!

We got the best news we've heard all year yesterday - the 2nd surgery was a success and Clark is cancer free! We're not 100% out of the woods yet, and some treatment will begin soon to make sure there's nothing still lurking about, but compared to how... Read More
Sat 31 May 2008

Show cancellation / Explanation

If you saw the Black Cat ad, you probably saw that we had to cancel from the June 12th show. This is our 2nd time doing that this spring, so we thought it might be time to explain. Earlier this winter, Clark had a small growth on his leg, so he went to... Read More
Fri 25 Apr 2008

Harrisonburg and Durham this weekend...

More shows coming up this weekend. We're hooking up with Worn in Red for a show in Harrisonburg, VA followed by another in Durham, NC. Driving around Virginia and North Carolina in the spring, not a bad way to spend a weekend at all. If you... Read More
Sun 20 Apr 2008

OK, quick change of plans

I got a voicemail about the show at JMU being canceled due to some misunderstanding with the admin or something...hard to say from the voicemail, there was lots of gun fire, sounds of feral dogs, streamers, very Hunter Thompson. Regardless, we're being... Read More

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