Mon 26 Jan 2009

DC was packed full of 1.8 million of our closest friends this weekend as we watched some serious history occur. After years of having all the big stories in the media be about tragedy, it was nice to have something this positive going on. Strangers were talking, helping each other out, sharing stories and provisions. If you haven't done so yet, NPR and the Washington Post both have fantastic photo galleries from the big day.

The main news on our front is that we're playing the Andalusians' record release party on February 5th at the Black Cat. Played Tomorrow are also playing, more info on our Shows page. The Andalusians are putting out a 7" on Dischord with three songs and access to three more songs to download. I like the mix of vinyl and mp3 - so many options. Very excited to help them celebrate their first release.

We have six new songs now, and three more in the works. It looks like we might be tracking the next record in April or so, with an early fall release. I'm guessing at the DC show we'll play most of the new songs.

I know we didn't post it on our front page, but we had two shows in early January as we trekked up to NYC and then back home for some Rock 'n Roll Hotel. Both shows were with a new Brooklyn band called Bear Hands that make the kids dance. Manhattan was fun as usual, even with the requisite parking issues. We brought home two dozen bagels, and I'm wishing we'd bought more. At the DC show we were turned on to Tiger City, another NY band that looked like they were going to play metal, but sounded like Roxy Music or Bowie. Fantastic songs, and a feel that most bands aren't doing these days. Definitely worth checking out, and I hope it's not our last show together.

That's about it for now. I keep holding out for a snow day, maybe the folks in Chicago will share some of what they got?